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Who does not love the new trend, video sharing sites online? The most popular one is probably the youtube videos site, where millions of videos are served on a daily bases.

At youtube, you cannot only search and view online videos, but you can signup as a member as well and start uploading and sharing your own videos. You might ask yourself, why would anyone be DOWNLOAD VIDEO SEX ARIEL – CUT TARI from youtube? One reason can be, that You want to save it to your computer, to view or show the youtube video offline. Downloading youtube videos could be a great solution.

Another reason may be that you want to copy the video as ipod download, so you can take the youtube video with you. Just to name a few reasons here, why people want and are already downloading youtube videos.

Youtube probably chooses not to offer downloading of youtube videos, because youtube supplies the service for free and must make income out of ad serving which they serve through the youtube video pages. That is why youtube needs you to come back each time to their site, so they can serve more ads and hopefully you will click so now and then on an ad, which will generate for youtube profit.

But because so many people -members- are looking for a solution for downloading youtube videos, it did not take long or there came solutions that enables anyone who wishes to download youtube videos. With these so called, downloading youtube videos services, you can very quickly, easy & simple download youtube videos directly to your computer.

Tip #1 for downloading youtube videos – Use these services to download youtube videos (look below where).

You just search for the youtube video you want to download to your computer. Then you copy the link location of the youtube video and paste it in the field of the service ‘downloading youtube videos’ and hit submit. A download button will appear and once you click that you can start downloading the youtube video of your choice.

One tiny note : there is a little issue with almost all of these services; you will have to save, before downloading the youtube video. Under a name where you have to add an extension (.flv – read: dot flv) after the name. Recommended service for downloading youtube videos.

Tip #2 for downloading youtube videos – Watch the how to video on this site, so you see how downloading youtube videos gets done.

This way it should be possible for anyone, new to the internet or youtube and experienced users, to start downloading youtube videos right away. You just watch the 2 minutes how to video and you should be able to download your first youtube video within 20 minutes.

Tip #3 for downloading youtube videos – Download the software from the ‘downloading youtube videos’ site.

You can download youtube videos straight from your desktop (this way you do not have to surf to their site each time you want to download a youtube video). Once you have downloaded & installed the software, you can activate the it by double clicking the icon on your desktop and you are on your way downloading youtube videos you want.

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